Feminist Vinyl Sticker Set

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Buy a feminist sticker pack of 4 or more and save (normal price $3.50-$4 each)!

These are glossy coated, scratch resistant, weatherproof, and dishwasher safe vinyl stickers measuring from 3-4 inches long.
To see the exact dimensions of each sticker, please view the individual listings!

***Choices "SS1", "SS2", and "SS3" (Sticker Sheets) are much larger (4" x 6") and count as TWO choices each. Choices "D", "16", and "17" are transparent vinyl, choice "2" is holographic vinyl.

These vinyl stickers can be used as:
♥ Laptop stickers
♥ Planner stickers
♥ Bumper stickers for cars
♥ Cellphone stickers
♥ Water bottle stickers
♥ Badass feminist gifts

Gift them as:
♥ Graduation presents
♥ Bachelorette gifts
♥ Birthday presents

Please include your choices for the quantity of stickers in your pack by using the corresponding letters pictured in the images. Help us pack your order accurately by including ONLY the letter/number choices! For example: "A, D, F, 4".

To receive a random selection of stickers, please include the note, "Random"! If no note is included during checkout you will receive a random selection.

Superpack Option:
♥ Includes one of each design

Application: For best results, apply to a clean & smooth surface. Vinyl stickers will not adhere well to round or textured surfaces.

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